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Krest now offers 7 distinct lines of professional combs encompassing over 100 variations of styles and/or colors for the discriminating professional.  


These 7 lines consist of:

1) “Cleopatra”: all-purpose combs of synthetic rubber,

2) “Krest”: specialty combs of synthetic rubber,

3) “Goldilocks” and “Silver Edition”: heat-resistant thermal combs of Dupont Delrin,

4) “Krest Bone”: ultra heat-resistant combs of phenolic resin, and

5) “Krest Hard Rubber”: handmade, high heat-resistant combs of hard rubber.‚Äč

6) “Krest Aluminum”: handmade, all-metal combs that do not easily bend.

7) “Krest Wood”: handmade combs of rosewood, that massage the hair and absorb natural oils.

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